Bus Wash Machine Manufacturer

Bus Wash Equipments in India

To ensure that our clients business takes off and they get high profits with our equipments. We incorporate technologically advanced systems to manufacture them and confirm that they offer effective operations that yield the best results.

Our Bus Wash Equipment is designed ideally to offer optimal yet safe washing of buses. The brushes we use in our equipment are imported and are composed of Polyethene material & designed perfectly in 'X' section. We ascertain proper cleaning in the hard to reach areas for the brush by means of prewash and high pressure wash system.

The system makes use of Flat spray techniques for ordinary washing and solid stream nozzles for tough cleaning. The equipment has Polycarbonate splash shields splash guard to provide ample shielding to the body from water splashes during the process. It also has vivid LED positioning display.

Our equipment eases the tough challenge of under chassis cleaning by fast and thorough washing operation with the aid of its outstanding Under Chassis Wash System. The touch-free Air Drying System of the equipment offers rapid drying too. Above all the Water Recycling System of the equipment assists in water saving cuts down the cost of operation. Our equipment is very reliable & enduring and likewise is very genuinely priced.

Washing Dimension
Machine Length 12 m
Machine Width 2.6 m Machine Height 3.8 m

Dimensions of Gantry can be changed according to the Vehicle Dimensions

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