Car Washer Machine Supplier

Car Washer Manufacturer

Performance, productivity and cost-effectiveness are the core factors, investors focus on while purchasing car washer machines. We go an extra mile and offer them extraordinary operational features to flourish their business.

Our sturdy and hard-wearing machines are designed such that they offer thorough washing performance by means of imported soft foam bristle brushes that are gentle yet very effectual.

The pace and the position of the brush are regulated by means of brush pressure sensing system. The hi-tech sensor particularly designed for application on rollovers offer optimal precision & consistency. The outstandingly efficient tyre wash system washes off the rims of the car by automatically sensing the wheels. The drying is executed by means of completely automatic contour following blower. The entire operations are easy to control over by means of easy to comprehend & work on touch screen control panel. The complete washing operation takes about just 10 minutes. This impresses the investors as they do not have to keep their customers waiting for long to offer excellent car cleaning process. Our  car washer system  is easy to maintain and are very reasonably priced.

Car Washer Equipments

To help the investors of our machine thrive in the cut-throat competition, we have come up with cost-effective and time-saving Car Washer Equipment. This supreme performance equipment incorporates 3 brushes, two of which are vertical and one is horizontal and trails the contour of the car for washing the car body commendably.

The machine operations can be controlled by means one touch pre-feed cycle or by choosing separate cycles for precise procedure. These Car Washer Equipment has remote wireless connectivity by means of a Wi-Fi router which aids in analyzing the errors distantly sitting in the office.

The machine consumes very little time to carry out the entire car washing process and can wash 12 cars in an hour. Our clients prefer them because of their high productivity with excellent functionality which ultimately leads to better profits.  Moreover our machines demand very less maintenance and no manual interfering. Our machines are very affordable.

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