Rollover Car Wash Machine

Rollover Car Wash Machine Manufacturer

Our Rollover Car Wash machine is perfect combination of quality washing of cars with features such as user-friendliness, minimal maintenance and lucrativeness together with eco-friendliness.
Our existing clients find this machine as the best investment bringing excellent returns.

This machine is robustly manufactured with Galvanized Steel and has high durability along with pleasing appearance. It has superior soft Foam Brushes for supreme cleaning yet with gentleness.

The rotation of the brush with high speed rubs off the dirt & grime which is done with the aid of liquid detergent foam. This is finally rinsed off with the water coming off from nozzle spray. It also includes Automatic Retracting Wheel Wash System to wash off the frames of the car by mechanically perceiving the wheels. Finally it is dried by means of air blower.

Our rollover car wash machine has simple to comprehend and operate HMI Touchscreen Operator Panel. It offers an excellent output of washing 6 cars per hour thus taking just ten minutes for each. Hence is very time-saving in nature. We offer them at excellent rates.

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