Wash Equipment in India

Truck Wash Equipment

Our Truck Wash Equipment is perfectly designed to deliver optimal cleansing of the trucks, tankers etc. This robust wash equipment is fabricated by hot dip galvanized frame and employs high Pressure Washing for scrupulous cleaning procedure. This type of high pressure washing is excellent to target tough to reach areas of the automobile for the brushes. This Roll Over Truck Wash equipment utilizes Flat spray procedure for standard cleaning while its solid stream nozzles are perfect for hard to clean surfaces. We can also offer more effectual zero degree rotating nozzle if preferred by the clients as per their application.

The equipment also has Polycarbonate splash shields to prevent splashing during the washing procedure. It has very clear LED positioning display to get to know the operations being done on the vehicle. We also offer Under Chassis Washing Arrangement that can thoroughly clean hard to clean chassis in a very little time. It also has Touch-Free Air Drying System for rapid drying of the washed surfaces. The water recycling system is offered if preferred by the clients and serve as a very lucrative solution. We offer this equipment at very genuine prices.

The output this machine provides is about 15 buses per hour. The total system is very swift, effective and offers excellent & consistent productivity for high profits. The system is also very robust, and has a good durability. It can enhance the investor’s business by satisfying their customers totally.

Washing Dimension
Machine Length 12 m
Machine Width 2.6 m
Machine Height 3.8 m

Train Wash Equipment

Our cost-effective solution for washing and cleaning train is or most advanced innovation and is identified as “VORTEX”. This automatic train wash equipment has very speedy functionality and perfect for out-of-doors wash bays. It functions by the utilization if single brush system. This equipment is mobile in nature and light-weighted thus can be moved along, outside the coach of the train while it carries out the washing functionality. The Tandem wheeled Trolley aids in effortless steering plus detaining by just one single person. It is also very perfect for indoor applications in the yards and also can be moved to the areas that have restricted space.

This equipment is very robust and offers a very durable performance. It also has Polycarbonate Splash Guard for preventing the splashes during the operation. It also has automated liquescent foam dosing arrangement. The supreme quality P.E. Bristles, single brush roller offer tough & efficacious cleaning operations. We offer these high quality and excellent performance equipment at very nominal rates.

Mining Wash Equipment

Mining wash is very tough as well as challenging due to nature of tasks the trucks, conveyors, and equipment applied in this arena go through. How-ever Effective cleaning is a crucial job here because if not done properly it may shut down the functioning of very expensive parts.

Our mining wash equipment is ideally designed to offer very highly effectual & powerful functionality in a very swift manner. This aids in non-hindered task operations in the mines.

Our equipment is sturdily manufactured with high grade materials and has several operative features and is totally comprehensible and user-friendly. The water consumption of our equipment is also very minimal and under-chassis can also be cleaned very proficient and reliable manner. The operations offered are very consistent and totally lucrative.

Our mining wash equipment has good life span and we offer them at vey incredible rates.

Vehicle Washing Machine

Our Vehicle Washing Machine is ideally designed to offer optimal cleaning in a very rapid manner. It makes use of Steam jet for cleaning the interior as well as the exterior of the vehicle. It is totally gentle & safe on the surface of the vehicle but is very tough on dirt and grime. It has extremely effectual Ozone generator for sanitizing and deodorizing the foul smell of the vehicle. This vehicle cleaning machine is consumes water efficiently and does not make use of any chemicals.

This machine is easy to move and can be applied wherever needed & is absolutely user-friendly. The drying operation is carried out with the aid of Hot air jet at 50 o C to 70o C. It is also useful in the elimination of the moisture between the fibers of seats as well as carpets. This machine is very potent and can eliminate the tough dirt, pet hair and even chewing-gum. It even Renews and sanitize leather and fabrics and can be used without having to lift up the upholstery. We offer them at excellent rates.

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